About us

The New Zealand Equipment Suppliers Association (NZESA) was formed in 2000 and registered as an Incorporated Society in December of that year.

There are two classes of membership -

  • Full members - NZ companies engaged in supplying machines to the civil construction, forestry, mining and quarrying industries
  • Associate members - NZ companies engaged in supplying goods and/or services to Full members.

Membership of the Association is subject to a set of Rules and Standing Orders (available upon request from the Secretary) and a Code of Ethics.

Our Purpose

The NZESA serves to represent, protect and enhance the collective interests of its Member organizations that are involved primarily in the supply of equipment and machinery to the contracting industry. To achieve this, the NZESA seeks to foster and maintain good relationships with those organizations that have influence on the livelihood of its Members. These are principally the contractors and hire companies that purchase machines, the companies that provide services to the Association's Members, the trade magazines that advertise their wares, and the regulatory authorities - particularly the Department of Labour - that control the use of machinery. The NZESA also values its relationships with kindred organizations such as the Motor Industry Association and the Hire Industry Association.

Management of the Association

Control of the Association is vested in the General Meetings of Members, with an Executive Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to manage affairs between those meetings. The Executive Committee is headed by a President and Vice-President and employs a Secretary to handle secretarial and accounting matters.

Our Activities

Equipment Expos - NZESA is one of the principal sponsors of, and part of the management advisory team for THE (Transport and Heavy Equipment) Expo held at Mystery Creek in Hamilton, New Zealand. The next THE Expo event.

Legislation - NZESA aims to monitor any moves to modify regulations covering the design and use of construction/forestry equipment in New Zealand to ensure that any such changes are necessary, practical and cost-effective.

Sales Reporting - Many Members of the Association contribute to an exchange of information on sales of new machinery. The consolidated reports are distributed to those contributing Members monthly. A comprehensive analysis of sales by machine type, size, location and industry is also issued to those Members on a six monthly and annual basis.

Our Code of Ethics

While recognizing that competition is a necessary and vital part of the free enterprise system, Members shall conduct their business in accordance with this Code of Ethics to avoid unfairness to customers, the public and fellow Members of the Association and to maintain the good reputation of the Association.

  1. Members shall conduct their affairs at all times in an ethical and fair manner with integrity and courtesy.
  2. Members shall be loyal to the Association and, where possible, shall be actively involved in the affairs of the Association. Members shall not associate themselves with anything that might bring the Association into disrepute.
  3. Members shall adopt fair and reasonable employment conditions for their workers, promoting safety, equal opportunity and the avoidance of discrimination.
  4. Members shall not attract, or offer employment to, an employee of another Member without first advising that Member. This shall not apply where the employee has responded to an advertised vacancy.
  5. Members shall not make public comment or criticism on the services, charges or conduct of another Member. However, Members may refer to the Association any conduct of another Member which may breach this Code or otherwise bring discredit on the Association.
  6. Members shall not disclose to, or discuss with, any non-Member confidential information obtained through Membership of the Association.
  7. All other things being equal, Members shall give preference to services provided by other Members as opposed to those provided by non-Members.
  8. Members charged with a breach of this Code shall voluntarily provide all information to any special meeting convened under Rule Section 7.